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Arnica Herbal Oil

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Product Details

Botanical Name: Heterotheca inuloides

Plant Part: Flowers

Infused In: Hemp Seed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Please test your skin this is potent but can be used on direct skin.

Dilution Index : 1.88 g herb per 30 ml of oil

Common Uses: Also known as Mexican Arnica, the herb has been used medicinally on this continent for centuries. Because of the dearth of Arnica montana, a popular herb indigenous to Europe, it is currently used in Europe as a substitution when formulating topical skin-care products that provide an overall soothing experience.

Topically, Arnica Herbal Oil can be used in preparations for tinctures, creams, ointments, compresses and poultices.

Cautions: Arnica should only be applied to unbroken skin as it is known to promote blood circulation and may increase bleeding of wounds.

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