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I’m GeeGee aand I’m here to help.

My Story

When I originally put together Purple Lotus Farms it was strictly just a fresh food farm. An assortment of Vegetables, Microgreens and maybe even some Eggs and Honey...eventually. I still wanted to support the community through outreach and maybe even put together some products of my own.


For years Ive been speaking on Urban Gardening and Prepping and how this will be our New Life. While doing research about the change of the Human Experience, my perspective evolved. I started digging deeper and deeper into the overall needs of the community and that brought me closer to sustainability and access.


Sustainability and Access seems like two very simple things but they are not. Both seem like individual points but they are both dependent on the other. The system we live in does not allow for Sustainable Living without Access. Having an opportunity to have control over the direction and the value of ones life is a Human Right. Purple Lotus Farms is dedicated to Equal Access to a Sustainable Lifestyle. 

During my studies I also made a goal to change Purple Lotus Farms to a Circular Economy business that would forever be evolving. Mostly because I am so new to the concept as well. A Circular Economy is a system dedicated to eliminating waste and the continuous use of resources. This type of system benefits the community naturally by increasing resources and making living more Sustainable. Thank the Stars, Sustainability isn’t about snapping your fingers. Stainability is about making the effort to be better for yourself, your future and that effect on the world.

“So, if you are looking to be a better, happier Human, this might be the Life change you need.”


PLF will always be dedicated to quality access for ALL.


The only way to be better, is to do better. One step at a time we can live a Sustainable Lifestyle.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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